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SRE Machineries has specialized in Ozone Machine. We manufacture various ozone machine for various purposes like drinking water treatment, ozone generators water treatment, Ozonator for packaged drinking water. We are one of the leading ozone machine manufacturers in India.

We just don’t manufacture our products, we make sure all the potential clients give us advice to our R&D team so that all the potential clients can take advantage in future this makes us one the leading ozone machine supplier in India. Our organization is equipped with services which include various skills and qualification like, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Service Strength. We manufacture a wide range of Ozone Machine which is widely used for making the air free from pollution. The main function of Ozone machine is to clean indoor air and prevent air pollution in an easier and convenient way. Our reliable services and premium quality products are known for their smooth working, operation, low maintenance and cost-effectiveness. Our products are offering quality and quantity of solutions, which is unbeatable services to our clients which are simply meeting the industry standards.

Ozone machine is very effective in removing a wide variety of office odors as well as the residential area. To remove office odor and residential odor, one can always get themselves and make their office a better place. The ozone machine can work into the area for treatment while space is unoccupied. Let the last person who leaves at night turn the timer dial to operate for several hours. The entire space then fills with ozone. These ozone machine manufactured in India by us oxidizes odors on the walls, carpets, furniture and all the things around the office it makes sure that it breaks down or segregate the harbour odors. The reason we are supplying ozone machine in India is to attack the cell structure and kills microorganisms such as mold and mild, we want you to breathe and enjoy in a healthy and good smelling place. The unit should be set to turn off a couple of hours before reopening to allow the ozone to dissipate.

Whenever the employees or customers will enter the office the next morning there won’t be any trace of an odor. There is no foul smell from deodorizers that try to mask odors, which many people find objectionable. Office staff will enjoy a fresh smelling office, and this can increase productivity and decrease sick days. These ozone machines can be used in other places as well as the residential area, commercial spaces like malls, restaurants, clubhouse, etc.

Please note, it’s normally best to treat the entire facility at one time because odors may be trapped can be duct in your office or home. The fan on the thermostat may be turned to the ON position to help circulate the O3 throughout the facility. But still, if you wish to do in one room only, it is best to tape the return vent closed with plastic or paper and close off any supply vents as well. This will keep the O3 inside the room to remove office odor, it will also make sure that it won’t be circulating into other rooms.

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• High barrier quartz electrode to give high concentration ozone and high operating life
• Water cooled electrode to give consistent ozone output
• SS 316 ozone cell for high corrosion free life
• Inverter for Smooth Operations and Reliability
• Ferrite based Oil Cooled high voltage transformer for zero break down
• Venturi ozone dosing system for better ozone mixing
• Test certificate and traceability for ozone output generated


Cabinet MS Power Coated
Dimensions 26” X 60” x 18”
Inverter High frequency IGBT based resonate mode inverter with output power control
Power 6 KW
EHT Ferrite based oil immersed transformer housed in aluminum tank for low heating
Electrode 8 Electrode in One water cooled housing made in SS 316 L Electro polished with accurate gap S8 – 600 Model is selected having 8 electrodes of 600mm length & 50mm dia
Dielectric High Barrier Quarts Dielectric with stainless steel centre electrode for long life and accurate Ozone Production.
Discharge Corona Discharge on Dielectric not to exceed 0.3w/sq cm for long life of electrode.
Ozone concentration 8-10% w-w
Cooling water 4 m3 /hr (for raw water)
Feed gas 3.6m3/hr
Feed gas purity 85 TO 90%
Ozone output 400 gms/hr
Oxygen Flow Switch To Cut off Ozone if no oxygen flow.
Low Pressure To Cut Ozone if low oxygen pressure.
Water flow To cut ozone if no cooling water.
Water temperature To cut ozone if the water temperature is high.
Spark To cut off ozone if sparking occur
Over voltage protection Included
Under voltage protection Included
Over current protection Included
High humidity protection Electronics are coated with special water proof lacquer to prevent corrosion due to moister.


Capacity of O2 plant 60 lpm
Gas temperature Ambient
Type PSA plant
Duty Continuous & fully automatic
Inlet air required 800lpm (35cfm) dry air @ 3 bar pressure


VENTURI INJECTORS : Ozone is injected under vacuum creating fine bubbles and mixing efficiency can be improved using static mixers.

• Venturi made of SS 316
• Engineered to give high ozone mixing
• Vortex output flow
• Fine bubble output (0.5 mm size)
• Low operating pressure (1.5 kg cm²)
• Low pressure drop (0.3 kg cm²)

• Blue PU tube for oxygen only
• Do not use blue PU tube for ozone
• For ozone use silicon/teflon or high grade branded PVC hose
• SS 304/316 also compatible for ozone

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