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We are leading Tumble Dryer Manufacturer & Supplier in India. Buying large domestic appliances is always tricky, and tumbler dryers are no different. You will want to ensure you get the best tumble dryer available, and you'll have to consider a whole raft of features and brands before making a decision. Hopefully, this review will help you make the right choice. To provide the right tumbler dryer to you we have made a pan India association of all the potential dealers hence we are Tumble Dryer Dealer In India as well.

What are the benefits of a tumble dryer?

A clothesline may be all you need to keep your clothes fresh and fragrant after a wash. But with such unpredictable weather, the tumbler dryer may be just the thing you need for making sure large wash loads are quickly and efficiently use. We are Tumble Dryer Manufacturer In India, for a really long time. We just don’t manufacture these tumbler dryers, we are Tumble Dryer Supplier In India as well.

There are three main types of the tumble dryer -

Heat-pump operated tumble dryer: It’s the most eco-friendly option for doing laundry which gives you a sense of doing a bit for nature by using this technology. It will also help to save money on electricity bills." This "special technology" uses hot air to withdraw moisture from the clothes which evaporate into a tank. You can get you heat-pump operated tumble dryer, by getting in touch us because we are Tumbler Dryer Dealer In India.
Vented tumble dryer: This is generally the most affordable of the main three types, as it expels warm air through a window hose or an external vent, as said by experts from industry. A vented tumble dryer needs to be placed against a wall or window to expel the air. Most come with a venting kit, though you may need to get the machine installed by a builder. Get your vented tumble dryer from us as we are Tumbler Dryer Manufacturer & Supplier in India.
Condenser tumble dryer: These are often considered middle range in terms of affordability; with no externally-vented hose requirements, consumers can enjoy the freedom of installing the machine in a well-ventilated room wherever they choose. It's worth noting though that this type of tumble dryer does require a container beneath the machine to be regularly emptied. This is because the vapor within the dryer forms water droplets which are collected in a collection tank, and you'll have to empty it by hand. They are more expensive than vented tumble dryers, but easier to install and more versatile in where they can stand. If you wish to get yourself a condenser tumble dryer, we can provide you as we are leading, Tumbler Dryer Manufacturer In India.

Most tumble dryers are either operated via sensors or timers. Apart from the cheapest models, your machine is likely to have sensors that are programmed to read the amount of moisture left in the clothes. When they're dry, it'll cleverly switch off. Conversely, timed machines will continue until time's up, which can be a while after the clothes are ready, and can potentially damage them.

Most of the clothes are tumble dryer but you should always check the label beforehand. Fabrics that generally shouldn't include most wool, rubber, fine delicate knits, acrylic, spandex, and Lycra. Pure cotton towels can even keep softer for longer with the help of a tumble dryer.

There are many other features to look out for when making the decision:

Programming: The best tumble dryers have a few heat settings, for example for cotton, synthetics or delicates, helping you keep your clothes in the best nick for longer.
Drum size: Large capacities are more energy efficient because they'll dry clothes in less time. Most range from 7kg to 9kg.
Child locks: To prevent children from messing around with the machine.
Delay start: Have your cycle begin at the best time for you.
Reversible doors: Change the direction in which your door opens to better suit your location.
LED warning and programming lights: The first will tell you when you need to empty a water container or replace a filter. The second helps you keep track of drying.
Energy efficiency: These days, machines are given ratings from A to G, with A++ the most efficient. Newer appliances tend to be better, but it depends on how long a cycle takes and how often you use your machine as well.
Integrated vs freestanding: Integrated tumble dryers can fit within your cupboards, thus remaining hidden. Freestanding ones are not built-in, which means they'll be in full view, but they can come with greater capacity.

With all this in mind, here are some of the best options on the market right now. If you face any problems you can get in touch with our experts from industry. They’ll help you out to get you the best, tumble dryer as we are leading Tumbler Dryer Manufacturer & Supplier, in India.

To know more and to get your tumble dryer, get in touch with us as we are, Tumbler Dryer Manufacturer In India and Tumbler Dryer Supplier In India we’ll be happy to help you.

Technical Features

Tumble dryer is designed for continuous operation, heavy-duty use and to remove moisture from load of clothing and other textiles, usually shortly after they come from hydro extractor or washer extractor. Drying occurs at reasonable rate at relatively low temperature. Mode of operation is steam, electric, oil, gas heated. Manual Tumble Dryer and Automatic Tilting Tumble Dryer available to suit customer requirement.

The inner drum is made of stainless steel AISI grade 304. The sizes of perforation of inner basket are optimally designed so as to ensure right amount of air flow. The inner drum consists of stainless steel lifters to provide a consistent lift to garments. Back supporting plate made of stainless steel sheet stiffened with mild steel plate.

The outer body is fabricated from mild steel sheets and completely powder coated. It also includes air exhaust system, filters, door, drives and control system.

Steam, electric, oil, gas heating system is provided to suit customer requirement. The heater with the combination of unique air flow across the inner drum length ensures maximum and quick drying. Glass wool is filled inside outer body for better heating.

A continuously rated heavy-duty motor drives Inner drum via a worm reduction gear and multiple pulleys. The pulleys are of cast iron and belts are of ISI mark. All casting parts made in in-house production. Specially designed shaft supports the inner drum on heavy-duty roller bearing for noiseless operation. Exhaust fan driven by motor for better circulation of heat.
• Motor are of Siemens / Hindustan Electric / Crompton Greaves
• Worm reduction gear are of Elecon / Reelicon

Control and operating panels are supplied along with the machine either as an integrated part or as a separate system and designed to suit customer requirement. Control includes temperature control, automatic forward / reverses rotation of the inner drum. All necessary control required for smooth and safe operation of the machine is provided.
• Electric control equipment are of L & T / Telemacanique

Safety of operations, load and machine is taken into account during the design of the machine that includes:
• Thermal overload protection for motor
• Rear safety guard
• Door limit switch
• Inverter drive (optional)

• All mild steel parts painted and powder coated against corrosion.
• All stainless steel parts polished.

The machine is delivered ready to connect and supplied along with installation, operation, maintenance manual including foundation, installation plans, circuit diagram etc.


Capacity(kgs) 15 35 75 120 160 220
Inner drum volume(ltrs) 250 620 1200 1700 2400 4400
Inner drum diameter(mm) 762 1016 1220 1320 1524 1905
Inner drum length(mm) 534 762 1016 1220 1320 1524
Inner drum speed(rpm) 24 24 24 24 24 24
Drive motor(hp) 0.75 1 2 3 5 7.5
Exhaust fan motor(hp) 0.75 1 2 3 2*2 3*2
Gearbox(inch) 2.25snu 2.25snu 3snu 3.5snu 4snu 5snu
Overall length(mm) 965 1220 1450 1550 1780 2057
Overall width(mm) 1168 1346 1625 1870 2235 2387
Overall height(mm) 1524 1830 2135 2235 2490 2690
Electric supply 415V, 3phase, 50c/s, A.C

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